One creative method of getting began purchasing property is by using a lease option. The greatest benefit of using lease options to purchase property is –control. This process of investing, essentially provides the investor the authority to possess — be in charge of — and make money from a house without owning it.

A genuine estate lease option contract is a mix of two documents.

The lease area of the contract is how the dog owner concurs to help you to lease their home, when you outlay cash rent for any mentioned time period. Throughout the lease period, the dog owner can’t enhance the rent, rent it to other people, or sell the home to other people.

The choice area of the contract represents the best you bought to purchase the home later on, for any specific cost. If you choose to exercise your selection to purchase, the dog owner needs to market it for you in the negotiated cost. The choice area of the contract obligates the vendor to market for you throughout the option period — but it doesn’t obligate you to definitely buy. You’re only obligated to create rental payments as agreed throughout the lease period.

Once the lease option contract is presented and structured correctly, it may provide tremendous advantages and benefits towards the investor. When the lease option includes the “to sub-lease”, the investor can produce a positive income if you rent then the home to some tenant throughout his lease, or lease option the home to some tenant-buyer for positive income and future profits. When the lease option features a “right of assignment” the investor could assign anything to a different buyer for any quick profit.

Lease option real estate investment, is really a flexible, safe, highly leveraged approach to investing that may be implemented with virtually no money.

High Leverage

It’s highly leveraged because you’ll be able to gain charge of a house and make money from it now–while you don’t purchased it yet. Because you don’t purchased it, also limits your individual liability and private responsibility. Only if you choose to buy the property by taking exercise your “choice to buy”, can you take title towards the property.

Virtually no money

Real estate investor’s cost to apply a lease option hire the dog owner requires virtually no money up front, since it is entirely negotiable between investor and owner. Also, there are a number of the way the choice fee could be structured. It may be structured with an installment plan, balloon payment or any other agreeable arrangement between both sides. The choice fee can also be less than $1.00.

To be able to secure the home for sale later on, tenant-buyers typically pay a non-refundable option fee of roughly 2%-5% from the negotiated future purchase cost towards the seller. For the way the lease option agreement is presented and structured, the investor might make use of the tenant-buyer’s option fee money to pay for any option fee owed towards the owner.


Lease option real estate investment is really a flexible approach to investing since the the agreement, like payment amounts, payment dates, installments, rate of interest, interest only payment, balloon payments, purchase cost along with other terms are negotiated between seller and buyer. Required both sides will also be negotiable. For example, when the investor does not wish to act within the capacity of the landlord, he could specify within the lease option agreement that tenant-buyer will result in all minor maintenance and repairs and also the original seller will stay accountable for any major repairs.

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