If you are planning to buy a home in Lebanon, there is no better city than Beirut. Apart from the cultural heritage, Beirut is the economic hub of the country, so a home here can be a great investment both in the short and long run. If you look for apartments for sale in Beirut, you will find quite a few options. There are online real estate sites that can help further in shortlisting the options.

Below are some of the aspects worth knowing.

Know the prices

Buying an apartment in Down Town can cost you over $1,000,000 for sizes not exceeding 200 sqm. Larger homes, with five or more bedrooms and size of 1200 sqm or more, can cost around $15,000,000 or even higher. If you are looking for a cheaper region, Ashrafieh is better, where you can find homes under $500,000 with size not exceeding 200 sqm. One of the more expensive spaces is Hamra, where you may have to pay $600,000 for a decent two-bedroom apartment. If you are looking upscale living, Beirut Central District and Verdun are also great. Beirut is a great city, because most of the facilities you will need are close by – universities, schools, hospitals, banks – no matter where you stay.

Check online

Irrespective of whether you want to buy a home or offices for rent in Beirut, online real estate portals are your best bet. A number of them have updated listings, so you can shortlist the properties at your convenience. When you are done finding a few options, call the brokers and they can arrange for a personal visit. Just make sure that you select a good and credible website, because many have outdated listings and not-to-correct pictures.

Prices mentioned on real estate portals or stated by brokers are usually the closest price you will pay for an apartment in Beirut but maintain the scope for negotiation. In fact, talk to your broker and you can actually get him/her to talk on your behalf. Many of the online real estate sites also offer the choice of finding properties for clients, just in case you don’t like something that’s already listed. Compare your choices and set a budget before checking for homes. Keep in mind that the costs are dependent on many factors, such as location, size and facilities. If you are planning a family, buy a bigger apartment, so that you don’t have to shift anytime soon.

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