Your garage door is arguably one of the most critical aspects of the exterior of your home, contributing significantly to both the security and appearance. If you are on the search for a new one for either your home or business, you deserve one that is both flattering to your home’s décor and secure enough to keep you confident.

Part of this comes with choosing a professional company who supplies excellent materials and expert installation, but part of this is also reliant on which style of garage door you want. There are mainly three garage door styles, each of which offers a range of unique qualities and benefits.

Up-and-Over Garage Doors

This is a classic garage door style that is somewhat minimalistic and allows for several aesthetic opportunities that other garage door styles can’t. Up-and-over garage doors are one-piece garage doors that have a more flexible style range. The lack of panels or sections potentially allows for wider ranges of designs and patterns if you are interested.

What Are the Characteristics of Up-and-Over Garage Doors?

  • They use a hydraulic mechanism to gradually raise up and over, sliding into the garage.
  • They are either a canopy style, meaning that a section of the garage hangs out past the side of the house, or they are retractable, meaning that the entire door is within the confines of the garage door opening.
  • They are available in a range of colour and design options.
  • They are safe and secure with remote control capabilities.
  • They are available in steel, polyester, and wood.
  • Space is needed in front of the door for it to open.

Sectional Garage Doors

After essentially replacing the up-and-over doors, sectional garage doors have seen increasing growth in popularity and Berkshire Garage Doors supplies these in addition to the other styles. They are the same concept as the up-and-over doors, but sectional doors are broken up into sections, making them easier to retract into the garage.

Characteristics of Sectional Garage Doors

  • Sectional doors don’t require space to be able to open.
  • Typically, they open more smoothly than other doors.
  • The panels allow you to partially open the door if needed.
  • They are more insulated.
  • They are also available in a range of colours and materials.

Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are a slightly different style of a door but secure and efficient. They can make the exterior of your home look fantastic and clean.

Characteristics of Roller Garage Doors

  • They are flexible and able to tightly roll into a box-like mechanism above your garage door.
  • They are incredibly secure and protective against burglaries, animals, and weather.
  • They are typically made of steel or aluminium.
  • They’re well-insulated for energy-efficiency purposes.
  • They are sleek, simplistic, and concealed.
  • They create more space in the interior of the garage.

All of these doors are available for commercial or residential properties and as long as you choose the right company, finding a garage door that meets all of the stylistic and security requirements for your home is super simple and completely painless.

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