Joint Petition

When the couple continues to be married and cooperative following the 2 year period, they have to file an application I-751, Joint Petition to get rid of Conditions on Residence, within 3 months prior to the period ends. This date shows up because the expiration date around the I-551 resident card. Although USCIS must attempt to inform a conditional resident at the beginning of the 90-day period, the truth that the conditional resident doesn’t get the notice won’t be a defense to some person’s failure to timely file the joint petition. You should observe that failure to file for inside the 90-day period may lead to a conditional resident instantly losing their status making him/her susceptible to removal.

However, the I-751 might be filed late if you can to show “good cause” for that late filing which the size of delay was reasonable. “Good cause” implies that the applicants must though they weren’t responsible or filing late which the reason why because of not filing promptly and beyond what they can control.

While finishing the I-751 is comparatively easy, applicants must be aware that finishing the shape does mention legalities which might subject the applicants to legal effects for example whether it was a sham marriage and it is beginning. For example, in Parts and 4 applicants are requested regarding their street address. When the applicants live apart they ought to offer an explanation, otherwise USCIS will suspect marriage fraud and wish a job interview.

Upon filing from the joint petition, an individual’s conditional residence status is instantly extended for just one year. If USCIS takes more than a year to examine the petition, then USCIS ought to provide documentation from the extended status for travel or employed purposes by means of whether temporary I-551 stamp within the passport or perhaps an extended expiration date on Form I-94.

Once USCIS receives and looks at the petition, they might approve or deny the petition. When the papers are denied, the conditional resident might be put into removal proceedings. The conditional resident may request overview of the denial by:

Renewing the joint petition before an immigration judge

Requesting the district director to approve the situation USCIS Administrative Seals Unit

Filing a motion to reopen by showing new details or

Filing a motion to reconsider.

USCIS might also schedule a job interview when they suspect marriage fraud. If the interview is scheduled, it should be scheduled within 3 months from the filing from the petition and also the couple must attend the job interview. Couples are wise against visiting the interview with no experienced lawyer. If you’re scheduled to have an interview, please contact our offices to avoid the chance for abuse for the USCIS Examiner.


You will find situations whenever a joint petition can’t be filed. For example, a married relationship might have led to dying, divorce, or annulment. In other instances, the wedding might not have ended whatsoever and actually the united states citizen or resident spouse might be hostile or abusive and it is refusing to assist the conditional resident spouse.

A conditional resident spouse who finds themself within this position isn’t without hope and could be qualified for waiver of the requirement of some pot petition. The conditional resident must reveal that:

The wedding started in “good belief” and it has ended (apart from through dying) but they weren’t to blame for that marriage ending or

“Extreme difficulty” can lead to a conditional resident reported or

They married in good belief and through the wedding he/theyOrher child was battered or exposed to extreme cruelty with a authorized permanent resident or US citizen and that heOrshe isn’t to blame in neglecting to meet residency needs.

Waivers might be filed anytime any conditional resident do not need to wait for a 90-day period prior to the expiration of his/her conditional residency period. However, he noted that waivers aren’t easily granted by USCIS. Thus you’re conditional resident who’s thinking about filing a waiver, please make contact with an attorney for help.

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